Canada study visa. Chances after refusal

It is not a secret that getting a study visa to Canada may be quite hard. One may prepare the documents thoroughly, apply for an academic institution, pass a language test and still be refused. What could be done to rectify this situation and successfully get the desired study permit?

The very first step would be the refusal understanding. Unfortunately, most of the applicants believe that the rejection letter they receive from the visa office would help them to re-apply. In fact, this letter is just a mere boilerplate where an officer puts checkmarks opposite the most suitable rejection reasons. This letter does not explain anything; in particular it says nothing about the way an officer came to a conclusion that the visa request should be denied.  What was wrong with the documents? Was the cover letter taken into a consideration? Was the officer right in his or her findings?

The only possible way to answer questions above is order and read GCMS notes. GCMS (Global Case Management System) is the online system used by Canadian visa offices round the globe for applications processing. GCMS notes request allows any visa applicant to understand how their study permit file was processed.

Step number two would be the re-submission of the study visa application. Note all of the mistakes outlined by an officer in GCMS notes. Make sure that there are no un-explained factors in the biography and no questions unanswered. If there were doubts about the connection with the home country, attach additional proves to support the case.

Sometimes, however, it is not that easy to persuade immigration authorities and get the request approved. If you are not sure how to process with the case re-submission, you may contact our legal team directly and we would be glad assisting you.

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