GCMS notes: what is my Express Entry case status?

Every now and then we receive questions about applicants’ Express Entry status, processing times and other issues. Of course, this article would not answer all of the questions, but we would like to provide a basic guidance to those looking to understand their processing under Express Entry better.

Express Entry system introduction added the needed transparency to the initial stage of immigration process: applicants now are able to see their scores, compare them to other Permanent Residency seekers, improve and adjust their profiles. At the same time, it is still not easy to find out what is going on with the immigration profile after it has been selected and all the required documents were submitted to IRCC. That’s where multiple questions arise from: how long will it take to process me; why is my application delayed; why were additional documents requested; why was an interview scheduled etc.

GCMS request is probably the only and the best way to address all of the concerns. To put it simple, reading GCMS notes allows an applicant to receive a snapshot of his or her immigration profile and understand it as fully as it is possible.


How does it work?

When the request is placed, IRCC has to provide a full copy of the immigration file it has on hand. This file is usually released within 30-40 days after the order is received.

Within the stated period of time an applicant receives a pdf file with all the information extracted from her or his Express Entry profile including officers’ notes, remarks, case progression and even further steps if such were set.


How does it help?

Usually, most of the questions could be resolved by simply reading and analyzing GCMS notes. E.g. what is expected from an applicant at the current stage; what is going on with the file now; are there any issues with it etc.

In a situation where GCMS notes reading is not enough, it could be wise contacting a specialist (licensed immigration representative) who may assist further.


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