Hidden information in GCMS notes. What does it mean?

Sometimes, when we receive GCMS notes for clients, we notice that parts of the files are missing. Of course, we are asked if that is a mistake or is it done deliberately. In this short article we will try to explain why and which information could be hidden in your notes.

When GCMS request is received by IRCC (CIC), it is processed by a human who would look into the file and verify that the document could be released meaning that it does not contain information which should not be disclosed to an applicant. For example, sensitive financial information including family’s assets available for immigration would not be shown in GCMS notes simply because this is confidential information. You may only see if funds demonstrated are deemed to be sufficient, or not.

On the other hand, information about available funds vs. tuition fees for student visa request would be shown in GCMS file if this information is essential and has been used by an officer to make a positive or negative decision on the case.

Another example of withheld parts of GCMS notes is security or misrepresentation concerns. In a situation when a visa officer thinks that there are grounds to believe that an applicant is not absolutely honest, thus, additional investigation is required, certain parts of notes would be covered. It does not mean that an applicant will not be able to understand what has been done with her or his case. Once the investigation is complete and decision is made for the visa request, information could be obtained and examined.

Of course, it is not the most common circumstance that someone is suspected of misrepresentation without a solid reason. Just be mindful: if your immigration or visa case is processed longer than expected and you do not understand what is going on with it, there is always a way to order GCMS notes and find it all out.

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