How can I order GCMS notes?

It is quite elegant and simple: all you would have to do is click here and select the option you would need.

GCMSnow provides various options for notes request including notes with copies of documents submitted to CIC, legal opinion, notes from CBSA, Provincial Authorities and many more.

Once you select your option and process with the fee payment, you will receive instructions with one pre-filled form which needs to be signed and mailed back to us. This form would formally authorize our team to request documents from Government officials of Canada on your behalf.

You would not have to fill up additional requests, send application for verification and be requested to make additional payments via inconvenient and complex means. Our system works fast and provides the cheapest GCMS ordering service available online.

Just choose your option, receive your form, sign it and email back to us scanned image or a picture taken on a digital camera. Even phone camera picture works perfectly fine!

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