How long does it take to receive GCMS notes?

Usually, standard GCMS requests are processed within 30 days with accordance to the Canadian legislation. However, one has to understand that this time is an average estimate and a few extra days might be required for your notes to be processed and mailed. Therefore, based on our experience, it is reasonable to estimate 40 days processing time.

We are often asked if it’s possible to have your request processed faster. An honest answer would be no. It is not usually possible due to the high volume of requests CIC receives from applicants. Sometimes, we receive notes in a very short period of time but these are exceptions rather than a rule.

Under extraordinary circumstances, however, it is possible to ask for faster processing, e.g. if you are appealing refusal decision and need these notes to be used in Court. Still, there is no guarantee that processing would be much faster.
There is also a possibility of delays in request processing. According to the law, immigration authorities have a right to process the request longer than 30 days if there is a necessity for such a delay. Usually, delays are quite rare and do not occur on a regular basis. Should there be a delay, CIC has to notify us about it.

In either case it is possible to contact immigration authorities and inquire about your file processing should you believe it is delayed.

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