How soon will I receive GCMS notes after I order?

Many clients are asking how fast they could receive GCMS notes after order is placed.

Average processing time for GCMS or CAIPS notes is 30 days from the moment CIC (Citizenship and Immigration Canada) acknowledges request receipt. Given the fact that acknowledgement may come immediately or in a few days if, for instance, a request is placed during the weekend, we recommend to expect standard 40 days for your notes to come in.

When you order your GCMS notes and send us the signed consent form, we immediately send your request to the responsible authorities.


When would my GCMS notes be generated?

Usually, GCMS notes are generated within a few weeks after the request is sent to CIC.  This means that the actual report could be prepared at any moment within standard 30 processing days.

There is no, however, a set date or time when GCMS or CAIPS notes will be extracted from the system. It could be just a few days from the date when request is received by CIC, or a day-two prior to the moment when GCMS notes are sent to us. In either case, it is hard to predict at which moment notes would be generated.


What if my request is delayed?

In very rare cases documents could be delayed. For example, visa office may need extra time to find them and prepare the report. In these unusual situations we receive special written notification which we forward to you.

If you believe that your GCMS file is delayed, please contact us asap and we will communicate with the authorities on your behalf.


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