Is it safe to request GCMS?

This is the question often asked by those looking to know what is going on with their immigration or visa file. Is it safe and secure to request GCMS notes, could a visa officer have concerns regarding my application if I request GCMS notes?

The answer is: it is 100% safe and absolutely secure. There is no restriction and no negative effect on your application due to the GCMS request. In fact, it is required by law that GCMS or CAIPS (system preceding to GCMS) request has to be processed and it would not be harmful for your visa or immigration case.

Moreover, knowing what is going on with your file would help you to prepare for an interview or have necessary documents ready for the upcoming processing stage. Sometimes, GCMS notes may reveal lost communication from CIC, e.g. a request for additional information has been sent but never reached you.

Therefore, ordering GCMS or CAIPS is not just a legal, safe and secure way to obtain information, but it is also quite a beneficial means for proactive progress tracking of your immigration or visa application.

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