Need legal support? Order GCMS first!

There are many instances when applicants are seeking support of immigration lawyers and legal representatives: delayed processing, interview call, difficulties with documents. The very first step every lawyer would make is order GCMS notes from immigration authorities.

However, cost of this request would usually be $100 or even more. But why paying extra if you could get your GCMS (CAIPS) notes for a fraction of that cost? Requesting GCMS notes by yourself would save you some money prior to setting an appointment with the lawyer. Moreover, you would have a chance to analyze your situation and get an idea of what to prepare for before talking to a representative.

Chances are you would not need legal assistance at all. We have seen many cases where additional documents request has been forwarded to an Express Entry applicant. All one had to do is to prepare and send what was requested by IRCC (CIC). Many other situations could also be clarified by a simple GCMS case analysis. Needless to say, a lawyer may charge you extra not just for the GCMS notes request but for the “assistance” with documents as well.

It is also a good idea to study your immigration or visa case to check your immigration representative. We all know that there are many “consultants” who are not always diligent with documents. When you receive your GCMS file you are able to verify your lawyer’s work without letting him or her know about it!

There are dozens of examples when GCMS analysis helped to prepare the case and receive positive outcome from immigration authorities even after several refusals.

GCMSnow team has created the easiest and fastest online notes processing system. All you would have to do is answer a couple of simple questions, sign the form and receive your immigration or visa file. Should you need additional help analyzing your situation, we are always eager to assist!

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