Getting your GCMS notes may be helpful in various situations. Did you know that apart from just notes themselves you may receive all the documents which CIC has in possession in your personal file? That is right; copies of almost all of the documents which you submitted to CIC could be obtained via the special request.

You could get copies of your employment references submitted for visa or immigration, forms which were sent on paper, language test results, bank statements and many more.

One of the most common reasons why you may need those is re-application or simply another application which you have to prepare for immigration authorities in Canada. For instance, you applied for study permit a few years ago, came to Canada, have graduated and now prepare your application for immigration. You should be aware that your application has to be in line with the previous submission and be consistent. In case you have lost documents submitted for the initial study permit or simply do not keep copies of them, ordering GCMS notes with documents would be the best solution for you.

You would receive your electronic file snapshot with all officers’ notes and observations as well as all the documents which CIC has on you.

Simply order the GCMS notes with documents via our simple form and receive the complete package shortly.