Is it possible to request Express Entry GCMS notes?

More and more applicants are asking us whether it is possible to request and receive GCMS notes for the Express Entry application.

The answer would be yes in both scenarios: before and after an ITA (Invitation to apply) is received. For the Express Entry GCMS request your visa file number would be the EE profile number: EXXXXXXXXX.


How would Express Entry GCMS notes help me?

Even though Express Entry system is quite transparent and allows applicants to see their score online and understand how such a score could be improved, getting GCMS notes might be helpful in various circumstances.

If you’re applying through a legal representative, your profile would be lodged via the representative portal which does not allow clients to log in there directly. Therefore, GCMS request could be an option if you are looking to verify how your lawyer or consultant is working on your case and whether information provided to you is genuine.

If you have applied by yourself and would like to find out how your immigration file is performing, which stage it is now on and whether immigration officers are expecting something else from your side, GCMS notes would help as well.

Which visa office should I mention in GCMS form?

When filling up the form for Express Entry GCMS application, you may either leave the “visa office” field blank, or write “Canada” in it. Since Express Entry applications are processed electronically, there’s no need to specify your visa office in the request form.

How could GCMSnow team help me?

Our team would be glad to help you ordering GCMS, CAIPS and FOSS notes of your immigration or visa file. Additionally, we could provide an independent legal opinion of your case, assist with documents copies extraction from CIC, obtain notes from CBSA on your behalf, request information from Provincial immigration authorities and many more.

Our team would gladly service your request at any time including holidays and weekends.

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