Border crossing

Border crossing

Very often, when applying for PR card renewal or Canadian Citizenship you would need to count the exact dates of leaving and entering Canada. This might be quite a challenging task simply because passport stamps tend to be illegible, blurry or even the passport itself could be lost.

In this situation your best solution is ordering notes from CBSA (Canadian Border Service Agency). You would receive an exact snapshot of your border crossing history which could be used for PR card renewal or Citizenship application. No more guessing or doubts!

Another request which you may also wish to order is officer’s notes which he or she had made when you entered Canada as a visitor, student or under work visa. These notes could be very useful for consecutive applications to CIC, e.g. status extension, status change including application for Permanent Residency.

Just contact us today and we will order the required notes for you. Fast and inexpensive.

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