Visa processing

Visa processing

Wonder why your visa processing takes so long and what would be the next stage in your application? The best way to get your questions answered is by examining GCMS notes of your file.

It is not uncommon for applications to be stuck in processing because an officer is waiting for additional documents or response from your side. It could be as simple as an email sent to you which went into junk folder or even a request sent to your employer or academic institution which has not been answered.

In either circumstance you would be able to receive detailed snapshot of your file and see yourself what exactly is going on.

Requesting GCMS is also a good idea when dealing with a representative: you would be able to check if he or she is genuine and how CIC requests are handled by your representative. Additionally, you would be able to request an independent second opinion from a legal team.

Apply now and get your file in about 40 days.

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