Reading GCMS and CAIPS: security and medical decisions

Very often we receive questions from those applicants whose immigration and visa cases are stuck at some point of processing. This point is usually either security or medical check.

Let us look closely at GCMS and CAIPS codes related to the named stages of file processing and see what could be done to speed up the application.

The very first step every applicant has to make if his or her visa file is jammed in processing is order GCMS notes. These notes allow visa seekers to study their file and see what the real reason for delay is. If it is a human factor, GCMS request may help moving the file forward in processing faster.

If, however, the reason is security, or medicine, one may need to take additional steps. But initially let’s have a look at the codes in GCMS and CAIPS notes responsible for security and medicine:

BDEC – Security decision codes:
1 passed
2 omitted – applicants under 18
3 incomplete
4 failed
MEDDEC – Medical decision codes
1 passed
2 Incomplete
3 failed
4 dependant failed


What should one do if there is a delay in medical decision?

An applicant may contact the visa office directly asking for clarification. If there is no clear answer, our team would be glad assisting further. Usually, medical decisions are resolved pretty fast.


What to do if there is a delay in security processing?

Security is a more complex process as there are other departments involved, namely, CBSA and CSIS. If there is a delay on these agencies side, one would have to place a request directly to them asking to release information related to the visa file. This request could be placed here.


At GCMSnow we have developed and implemented the most comprehensive request system allowing applicants to get access to Canadian immigration and visa files, processing agencies and departments. No matter how complex your situation is, our team will be able to help you resolving it within the shortest period of time doing it much cheaper than any other company!  Request your notes today here.

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