How to get information from Provincial immigration office

Many Canadian visa applicants know that it is possible to retrieve information about their submission from the Federal Canadian immigration authorities. But what should one do if he/she wants to check PNP (Provincial Nominee Program) application status?

GCMS (Global Case Management System) is a tool used by immigration officers round the globe to process immigration and temporary visa cases such as Express Entry applications, tourist visas, Study and Work permits. One could request GCMS notes and always see what is going on with his or her case and how it is processed.

Provincial authorities, however, do not work in GCMS. Every Province and Territory of Canada has its own immigration program (PNP) and their own system for case management. If an applicant seeks to understand what is going on with the provincial immigration file, he or she has to send the request directly to the Province. However, the right to send such requests is not given to applicants from abroad. It has to be done through a representative in Canada. That is where GCMSnow team helps.

Our team assists individuals to file a case processing request to Quebec, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, New Brunswick and any other Province or Territory of Canada. As a result, the request will return back with the provincial officer’s notes and case observations, essential information and, sometimes, processing time estimation.

Why is it important to make a request under the Access to Information Act?

If you are looking to understand what is going on with your Provincial Nominee case, when will you get additional 600 points to Express Entry, or when your Provincial Certificate will arrive – request has to be made.

Do not mix it with the standard GCMS order: Provincial case retrieval is a bit more complex but would always provide the required results.


How to make a request from PNP?

It is as simple as ordering GCMS:  send us a message with your data and we will help you obtaining the needed information from your file.

GCMSnow provides the cheapest and fastest online retrieval service. We are always here to help you!

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