Requesting GCMS/CAIPS/ATIP, how will it affect processing

We have already discussed the safety of GCMS/CAIPS/ATIP requests for immigration and visa files. In this article we will briefly touch the matter of case process affected by the notes request.

Every time an applicant requests notes of his or her file, a request is generated in ATIP system. This request is manually processed by IRCC (Immigration, Refugee and Citizenship Canada). In other words, an IRCC employee will take your request and prepare a snapshot from the visa file. This snapshot will reflect all of the data entered into the system including officers’ notes, concerns, further steps etc. If a case has already been closed, GCMS/CAIPS notes would give you information on its processing from the beginning to the end.

NB: there are circumstances when information could be excluded from the file released by IRCC. Read more here.


How GCMS/CAIPS/ATIP request affect processing times?

In rare circumstances a case could be stuck in processing: either for a just reason, e.g. security check, or it’s been simply forgotten. Yes, we are all human beings and we all, including immigration officers, sometimes make mistakes.  Over a period of our work we have seen files forgotten, silently refused for no reason and many more.

CAIPS/GCMS/ATIP request would allow you to see what exactly is going on with your file. Most importantly, it would give you a tool to talk to IRCC either directly or through a representative.

If there is a circumstance of a delay, GCMS request placed in the right time could speed up the case processing and help you to give a “push” to the immigration (including Express Entry) and temporary visa application.


How to place a request under the Access to Information Act?

If you are not in Canada, you could use our online service to request information from IRCC, CBSA and even from the Provincial authorities.

At GCMSnow we assist applicants in simple and effective case retrieval requests as well as notes reading and legal opinion.

To place your GCMS/CAIPS/ATIP request, simply click here.

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