Requesting GCMS (CAIPS): which option to select

When retrieving information from immigration authorities (GCMS, CAIPS) it is important to know what various options you may employ and which scenarios are applicable to them:

 Standard GCMS option would provide you with the basic information on your file, officers’ notes, processing, etc. This is the cheapest and the fastest available option used by many applicants. If you are looking to understand why your Canadian visa application has been refused, why Express Entry file is delayed in processing etc., you may need the Standard GCMS option.

GCMS Plus option would give you all of the benefits of the Standard package plus copies of the documents sent together with your application. If you are looking to verify your immigration representative, not sure which documents were sent to Canadian authorities, need copies of the lost forms, letters, certificates – this option would be the best solution for you.

CBSA notes option is a solution for those looking to count residency obligations for the Canadian Permanent Resident Card renewal or for the Citizenship application. This request could also be used by those who would like to track progress of the security check of their immigration applications including the Express Entry ones. Sometimes, CSIS request has to be sent instead of CBSA. If you are seeking to order information from CSIS, you could use this option as well.

Legal Opinion is tailored for applicants who would like to receive an independent and official option of their situation from the licensed Canadian immigration practitioner. Not sure what to do? How to appeal the case? How to deal with visa rejection, or delays? Legal opinion is an answer for you then.

Last but not least Special requests option is left for applicants seeking information on their Provincial case status. Need to have notes from Quebec? Want to know why Saskatchewan/Ontario/Manitoba or any other Province is delaying your immigration file? Send us a note and we will be glad helping.


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