If your permanent or temporary visa to Canada has been refused, you would need to understand actual reasons which led to an officer’s decision to deny your visa application.

Due to various reasons which include the high volume of visa applications immigration and visa authorities simply can not explain their decision to every applicant. So what an applicant gets is a standard refusal letter where an officer simply checks boxes against standard rejection scenarios. This letter does not provide all the necessary details which could be used for re-application preparation nor does it provide enough information to make an application to the Court.

The only way to get the required data and understand actual refusal reasons is to order GCMS notes. This simple process would allow you to obtain detailed case history including officers’ observations, reasoning and interview notes.

Carefully reading and analyzing your GCMS notes after visa to Canada refusal would help you to prepare for re-application and significantly increase your chances for success.

Need help understanding your refusal reasons and GCMS notes? Feel free contacting us. We would be glad helping you to see how to change your situation and receive a visa to Canada.