Terms and Conditions

By using GCMSnow services, the requestor agrees to the following terms and conditions:

All information collected and processed under the Access to Information Act of Canada and Privacy Act. GCMSnow is not affiliated with any Government body or institution.

Information is presented exactly how it is received from the authorities. No omissions, modifications or changes of any sort are done by GCMSnow.


All information received by GCMSnow is kept strictly confidential and is not disclosed to any party unless such is required by Canadian Law.


Payment transaction and refunds are subject to terms and conditions of the payment processor:



Stripe Payments

Legal opinion

Legal opinion is provided by Licensed Canadian Immigration practitioner certified and licensed by the Law Society of Upper Canada or/and ICCRC. Legal opinion service feed are non-refundable.


If information request can not be processed for any reason, GCMSnow could initiate refund procedure. Depending on the processor’s policies refund could take from 1 day and longer.

Fees paid to GCMSnow are deemed non-refundable from the moment when information request is sent to Government authorities. GCMS now is not responsible for results of the request including damaged, lost, destroyed files.