What should I use: UCI or File number?

When requesting CAIPS or GCMS notes it is recommended to mention your visa file number for faster processing. Applicants, however, are often confused and mix up their UCI number and application number.

What is a UCI number?

UCI stands for the Unique Client Identifier. This number is assigned to every applicant whose case is processed by IRCC. It is clear from the name that Client Identifier is assigned to a client, not to an application. Which simply means that one applicant may have one UCI but multiple file numbers. For example, if you were applying for study visa to Canada and then, after finishing your academic program, you send an application for work permit – you will have one client number and two file numbers.

Why is it important? Let us imagine a situation when you are seeking to obtain GCMS notes of your Work Permit application. If you confuse UCI number with the file number (see our instruction on how to find your visa case number), you may receive notes of the previous application, e.g. of the study permit one. This is why it is always recommended to have your number ready when requesting GCMS.

Do not know your number, or can’t find it? Not a problem, see here.

How does UCI number look like?

Compared to visa file number, UCI consists of digits only. Usually, there are eight numbers either separated by a dash, or not.

Typical Unique Client Identifier would look this way: 12345678 or 1234-5678.


If you are still not sure how to identify the number or which one to select, do not hesitate contacting our team directly. We will be glad addressing any concerns or questions you may have and help you getting your GCMS notes faster and without any unnecessary delays.

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