Visa to Canada after several refusals

It is widely known that getting the Canadian visa request approved may be a challenging task. Some applicants are refused several times in a row after submitting the requested documents and forms. So what should one do in order to rectify the situation with visa rejections?

First of all, a person has to understand that there is no universal checklist of documents for Canadian visa. Every applicant has to convince an officer that his or her purpose of trip is genuine – be it a visitor, business, study or work request. Same provisions apply to immigration requests: it is an applicant’s obligation to prove that all the criteria set by Federal or Provincial authorities of Canada are met. In other words, an applicant should look at the given documents requirements as a basic guidance only.

Now, let us look at the refusals. According to our observations, most of the applications are rejected when visa seekers fail to satisfy an officer in their bona fide intentions. It means that not all of the documents were provided, not everything has been explained in a cover letter etc.

Understand the real reasons of refusal

But how would one understand what exactly went wrong? Refusal letters are merely boilerplates where IRCC officers check marks against the most suitable fields. These letters do not help comprehending the real reason for rejection; neither they help reversing the situation.

In order to have a full picture one has to request and analyze GCMS (CAIPS, FOSS) case notes from IRCC. GCMS (CAIPS, FOSS) notes represent the complete snapshot of a visa case as it’s seen by Canadian immigration officers.

Using the named notes analysis, applicants can read what exactly went wrong and why. Most importantly, what could be done next. For example, our team had worked with the case from Nigeria which was refused twice because an officer was not satisfied with the funds provenance. After GCMS (CAIPS, FOSS) analysis it turned out that detailed transactions report needed to be submitted. This simple measure proved to be effective and the individual received her visa successfully.


How to request GCMS (CAIPS, FOSS)

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