What to do if your Canadian visa application processing is delayed?

Almost every day we hear from applicants who complain that their visa requests are processed longer than average. And, of course, many of the clients ask us if there is a way to assist in this situation. Let’s have a look at what could be done if your Canadian visa application is delayed.

Initial step

First and foremost, check processing times on the CIC website. However apparent this may sound, many applicants are not aware that the average time for application finalization varies from one visa office to another. Just make sure that you know which office is working on your case. For example, depending on circumstances, if you are in Canada and apply for a study permit, it could be sent to the USA or be scrutinized in Canada.

Getting GCMS notes

Now, after you’ve checked the processing times and have confirmed that the case is delayed, the best thing to do is request your GCMS notes. This action has two simple goals: get an idea of what is going on with the visa file and trigger the application processing.

It is not uncommon to see that after GCMS notes request has being sent to CIC, an application starts to move forward in its processing. This happens for a simple reason – every GCMS order is processed by a human, which means that if your application has been delayed, an officer may notice that and forward the file for the next step.

If, however, the situation does not change after GCMS order, you may find answers in the notes received. Sometimes, there would be evidences of a lost communication between a visa office and an applicant, e.g. an email from CIC went to spam folder etc. Sometimes, an officer might find it necessarily to schedule an interview, or he/she waits for additional confirmation of employment history. There could be multiple reasons for delays and GCMS file is the best tool for getting the needed answers.

Legal assistance

The last scenario is a delay without any visible reason. Say, your notes are in hand, analyzed and everything seems to be in order, but the immigration or temporary visa file continues sitting on the shelf. That might be the right time to call for the heavy artillery: professional legal representatives. Either a lawyer or ICCRC consultant should be able to communicate with the visa office and get a response from them about your situation.

At GCMSnow, we assist applicants with timely and inexpensive GCMS notes request as well as case analysis and legal immigration support.

Simply get GCMS notes today and have your application processed.

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