What information will be in my GCMS file?

When requesting your CAIPS, FOSS, or GCMS notes, you receive a snapshot, or a printout of your visa case. This snapshot contains information about your points calculation, notes and comments from visa officers. There would also be information about the processing stages your application has passed and so-called bring forward date – the date when your case should be passed to the next stage.

Of course, it is all highly individual, but you could notice that this information is of an utmost importance to every applicant wishing to know what is going on with his, or her visa request. Probably, the useful aspect of GCMS notes request is that it would allow you to anticipate issues way before they happen.

Take, for example, points calculation: an officer is a human being and may miss information from your file which could grant you additional points. Or, an officer may have concerns that your civil marriage is genuine especially under circumstances when you receive additional points for the spouse.

Seeing all these issues in GCMS file would give you, as an applicant, a chance to respond to officer’s concern in a timely manner.

GCMS notes request would also allow you to see why you have been selected for an interview. You will have a chance to prepare for an interview accordingly and collect the necessarily supporting documents if needed.

Therefore, ordering GCMS, FOSS, or CAIPS file is one of the most useful tools for every Canadian visa applicant.

GCMSnow team provides inexpensive and fast access to notes request. Within just a few clicks you would be able to order your GCMS file and receive it shortly from CIC. If you need additional assistance, such as legal analysis of your case, documents request and more, we would be more than glad to assist in a timely and professional manner!

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